When I was in college, I sucked at relationship building. I mean, I didn’t know I sucked at it, but looking back I really did. In fact, I didn’t even know what “relationship building” even meant or the importance of it, I just knew I had my four main friends who I eat with, partied with, and took classes with because taking classes with strangers was a Big NO NO in my book.

I was a part of one organization, but again, my friends were a part of that too. Do you see where I’m going with this; I didn’t branch out or build new relationships with people because I was so comfortable with “my crew”. Now it’s no problem having a crew or a core group of friends, because what would college really be without making friends right? Right it would suck!

But… don’t get stuck in the habit of only hanging with only your small bubble of friends because that limits you from building some neat relationships that could benefit your future.

Are you wondering what types of relationships I’m talking about? I thought you would be.

Here are three relationships you should focus on building before graduating college:


  • Build a relationship with your professors


Professors not only have a wealth of academic knowledge, but they also may have connections on job leads and graduate schools. Utilize your professor’s office hours this semester to not only get your grades together, but to also have a few deeper conversations about your future.


  • Join your Student Alumni Network


There are so many benefits to joining your student alumni network at your school, but the most obvious one is that you get the opportunity to network with students, faculty, and former alumni from your school at the same time! Check out your student alumni network (every school has one) and get started today.


  • Attend More Social Events


How many times have you not gone to a social event on campus because it just wasn’t your thing? Social events on your college campus or in your college community are excellent opportunities to connect with influential people who can maybe help you in your post-grad quest. Next time you’re a little on the fence about going to a social event, just Go! You never know what could come out of it.

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