During my four years of  college, no one ever mentioned this notion of "adulting". I mean, I had heard the term before and quite frankly it never really resonated with me because I thought I was an adult. I moved into my "big girl apartment" my junior year, paid my rent with the money I'm now paying Sallie Mae back (refund check balling), and had finally learned how to successfully make fluffy white rice without burning the place down thanks to my roommate.


Life was Great! I mean life at that moment made complete sense... Until I graduated of course.... That's when for lack of better terms "shit got real".


This is when my whole definition of being an “adult” no longer made sense or applied to what was going on.


Things got tough. I moved back home with my parents, couldn't find employment, and that whole I'm an adult thing went straight out the window along with my pride. The life that I once knew was over! It was at that moment, I found help in the form of a book by Kelly Williams Brown called "Adulting; How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy (ish) steps. Kelly's tips really helped me get out of my slump of a mood and do something with myself. I'll share a few tips from her I love below.


  • Stop enjoying things Ironically. Just enjoy them.


  • Try not to take it personally when strangers are mean to you.


  • Know when and how to end small talk conversations.


  • Know that you are so, so much more capable than you give yourself credit for.


So if you're like me and struggling to make sense of life now that college is over, Kelly’s book can help. Check it out here.

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