I was 22 years old, fresh out of my fifth year in college, and hopeful that a job would fall right into my lap; let’s just say, things didn’t turn out that way. See, I prepared a little for what people called “The Life After College." I visited the career center (twice lol), got my resume looked over multiple times for grammatical errors, and made sure that I joined enough clubs and organizations on campus so future employers would see me as “well rounded”, because apparently, being “well rounded” was and will always be in. But after a perfect resume, countless interviews, and millions of thank you for interviewing me emails, I too like many graduates couldn’t land work. So, I made a decision!

I remember so vividly the day I finally decided to sign-up for a Temp agency. A friend of mine had told me about it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to ever signing up. I mean, I felt like I went to school for four (well five years) just to get out and work a Temp job …HELL NO. But with no money coming in, and my mom's money going out (thanks mom for holding it down lol), I had to make a decision quick. I could (1) wait it out for a few more months OR (2) get work experience by temping and earn some dough. So temping it was!!
How was Temp work you may ask? It wasn’t the best experience of my life, but it helped me to build character, relationships, grit, and flexibility because there’s no feeling like not knowing when or where your next job assignment will be. While I won’t say I didn’t feel like a failure when I compared myself to my friends who found full time jobs right out of college (hey you  STOP comparing yourself to your friends You’re the SHIT), I will say temping was the best thing that could have happened to me at that moment. I mean, the reason I have a full-time position now (temped for my current employer three separate times before they finally offered me a full-time position..shit takes time) is because of the relationships I built for three years while temping . I’m sure you’ve heard it’s sometimes who you know not what you know.
So, if you’re like (the 22 year old me) and you’re fresh out of college and life hasn’t popped off for you yet, or you’re a not-so recent grad and you don’t know where to turn, here are three ways you can position yourself in your work now to be successful In the future.
  1. Build Relationships Now
My relationships I’ve built through temp work have been a game changer in my professional career. I can’t count on one hand how many times I’ve been able to call a former employer for recommendations or even favors at this point because of our relationship. If you’re currently doing temp-work or working a job in an area that you don’t love, start today by building a relationship with at least one person in the company. It doesn’t matter if you spark up random conversation at the water cooler, ask about their weekend, or offer to take them out to lunch (and pay). Just Start!
  1. Be Open
All job opportunities aren’t created equal (I get it). But it’s important to be open to jobs and opportunities that don’t make sense. Hell, you never know what connections or people you can meet that will push you to your next level. Sometimes, your “dream job” doesn’t come wrapped in the perfect red bow you thought it would be, but that doesn’t mean the gift (opportunity) isn’t good. I encourage you to think of where you currently are as a stepping stone to something greater. It’s Levels.
  1. Do The Work (Your Best Work)
Just because this isn’t your dream job doesn’t mean you can or should slack. When I temped for three years I would work for the same organizations multiple times because of how good my work and effort was. Don’t wait until you get the job of your dreams to put your best foot forward, do it now.
You Got This!
Monica M
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