Today is November 15th which means winter is officially here and snow is on the horizon, but for every college student November simply means two words “Thanksgiving Break.” If you’re a college student, I’m sure at this point you’re feeling one of two things: You're burnt out or just plain over It! By now, you’ve probably wrapped up test, completed final papers and projects, and visited the library well over six times for that group project that you hate..because everyone hates group projects (we know.)
The race to get to Thanksgiving Break can be extremely stressful! It’s also hard to process completing the work that needs to get done all the while daydreaming and getting anxious about seeing your family, playing with your dog, and eating your mom's mac and cheese (because everyone thinks their mom's mac is the best).
Although Thanksgiving is a time to unwind and enjoy family, it can also be stressful when your family asks the infamous question “What Are You Going To Do After College?” especially if you have no idea. I always feel like when I was in college this question was asked by every single-family member right when my food was getting good (eye roll lol), and I never knew what to say. I mean, I wanted to say how I was going to ball out with the checks from my fancy ass job and stunt from my condo downtown (none of that happened lol), but my responses typically went like this:
Ummmm… Get a Job I Hope
Find my passion
Travel ….lol
Don’t get caught up like me this Thanksgiving with no real way to answer the question we all hate. Here are three ways to answer, “What are you going to do after college” when you really don’t know.
  1. Be honest. If you don’t know or are still deciding
I know there’s an insane amount of pressure you feel to have your 20s mapped out post-graduation, but take it from me, not knowing exactly what you want to do is ok for right now. If you’re in between majors or you don’t quite know the direction or career you want to pursue, simply say I’m still deciding what direction I want to take after college.
  1. KIS- Keep it simple
I feel like when people ask this question they’re looking for long drawn out answers, but you don’t have to give them that. My advice Is to keep it as short, sweet, and to the point as possible. Ex. I’m looking to further explore career opportunities in Marketing and Communications.
  1. Exploring Options
I get it. At this point, you likely have no options to explore, which is fine… but this gets them off your back lol, and that’s what we want. Saying “I’m going to explore my options post-college” is a suitable answer to this question.
Again, it is perfectly fine to not know what you want to do with your life right now. But If not knowing is stressing you out maybe taking the time on Thanksgiving Break to jot down some areas, organizations, and careers you may want to pursue post-college may be helpful.
Thanks for Reading!
Monica M
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