College is indeed the best four years of your life. It’s when you build life-long friendships, join tons of social organizations, and in my opinion, live your best life. Up until this point, every single step from kindergarten till graduation has been pre-set. Meaning, you know when you graduate elementary school you go to high school, and from high school, you go to college, but no one really talks about the endless opportunities there are after college; and I think that is one of the many reasons post-grad depression happens. At least, that’s how it happened for me.
You see, I’m a person who thrives off steps. I used to call myself “spontaneous”, but the older I’m getting the more I realize that I’m a pre-planner who likes to know her next move six months in advance. So graduating for me was both exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time because I had a plan but didn’t really know if it would work.
My plan was to:
✔ Graduate
✔ Find a Job in Less than six months
✔ Move out my parent's house in a year
✔ Live my Best Life
When creating my post-graduation plan I didn’t factor in what I would like to call a backup plan because I just knew that everything on my list would happen (which it did…eventually). I didn’t prepare for things like rejection, transitional depression, and not having money. I think I like many graduates was so optimistic about the future that I didn’t think about how I would feel if things didn’t quite go my way, but things at first didn’t go my way.
Side note: There’s nothing wrong with being optimistic about your future. In fact, You Should!
Here’s my story:
In the first six-eight months post-college, job rejection was real because of my lack of what they called “experience”. On top of that, I was still at my mom’s house with no money and I compared myself daily to all of my friends who got jobs right out of college (don’t do that). It was at this point I felt this unbelievable sense of sadness and loss of energy. At first, I thought the feelings of sadness would pass but then it started to become a daily thing. I would wake up at 2 pm every day not wanting to see or talk to people, I wouldn’t check email for fear of the infamous rejection, and I just would cry all the damn time. If my situation sounds like yours- here are 3 signs you’re likely experiencing post-grad depression.
  1. You feel Sad All the Time
I’m not talking your normal sadness, I’m talking the sadness that makes you feel like you can’t get out of bed and operate in the real world. It’s almost like a sadness filed with a hopelessness that things won’t get better. It’s crippling.
  1. You Feel Like You’re at a Standstill
After college, I legit felt like I was at a standstill in comparison to my friends. If you’re feeling like the world is moving without you, it likely isn’t.
  1. You Lack Motivation
For me, I started lacking the motivation to do simple things like get up in the morning or check my email in fear of rejection. I also found myself making more and more excuses because I wasn’t motivated to do anything. Does this sound like you?
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