It’s the fourth day of the year and everyone including myself Is knee deep in planning out the goals we want to accomplish in 2018. Although the New Year brings on feelings of a new start and a fresh outlook on life, it can also bring on anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, and here’s why.
When we set to accomplish any goal we typically go through this process:
  1. Write down all of our goals
  2. Realize that we have more goals than we bargained for
  3. Stress when we think about how we can possibly achieve them
  4. Become overwhelmed and uninspired to get started
Is this you? Because this was me from 2015-2016. I would write down 80-90 goals, feel pumped up for January, and then not do anything because I didn’t plan. But, all this changed last year when I discovered a goal-setting strategy that keeps me motivated, inspired, and on-track to reach every single goal I jot down at the top of a New Year. That strategy Is called Goal Chunking, which simply means the process of breaking large goals into small-digestible pieces (steps) that you can easily attack without becoming overwhelmed. This process has been extremely helpful and helping to structure my mind instead of cluttering it. Here’s how Goal Chunking works.
Goal Chunking How To:
  1. Write Down All of Your Goals- Don’t try to be strategic or list your goals in chronological order, just get them out of your head onto the paper. I love to listen to the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify when writing down my goals. The playlist keeps me both focused and relaxed. Make sure you list your dates of completion next to each goal. This is important as it keeps you accountable.
  1. Chunk 1: Chunk each goal into categories- Once you’ve written down your goals, it’s now time to break them down into smaller chunks. Think of your categories as big bucket themes that need to happen in order to push your goal forward. For example, if you want to purchase your first home this year one of your big bucket categories would be research. See how this works below:
  2.  Chunk 2: List out your action items under each category- Once you have your categories set, it’s now time to list out the action items that need to happen. See below.
  1. Chunk 3: Jot your action items somewhere you can see them- You have your goals, categories, and action items so now it’s time to transfer that information to somewhere you can see every day. My favorite thing has been my 2018 Happy Planner from Michael’s Craft Store and my Bite Size Planner inserts created by myself which walks me through this process for each one of my goals. I make sure to hole punch and stick my inserts into my planner for accountability.
My goal for the past two years has been to grow more and to be more Intentional in my goals, and following this process and keeping God first has allowed me to do just that. I hope you’re as pumped as I am for 2018! It’s going to be amazing.
P.S If you want to grab the FREE Bite Size Planner Printable which kept me on track all 2017, go ahead and grab it here.

Monica M

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